What is the Scribble?

The Scribble is a set of original, silver jewellery created by two women: Misia Furtak, a singer as well as a lyrics author and Kasia Wójcik, a jewellery designer and a goldsmith.

The first impulse appeared spontaneously and served as a prelude to an extraordinary trip, taken together. It abounded in search, sketches and discovering new form via traditional, goldsmith artisanry.

Why the Scribble?

"This idea has been with me for a few years. First, it indicated action and an encouragement not to look back. Then, I saw a symbol of history in it, too - various lines, which tangle together and cross one another at multiple points. It also reminds me of outer space."

Misia Furtak

"Each of us carries a "scrawl" inside herself. It is her own cosmos - an endless collection of experiences and situations, which make us who we are and determine what we value the most. Only we know what has shaped us most. And only we can take it a bit more lightly."

Kasia Wojcik


Bazgroł to 3 idealnie dopasowane elementy - wisiorek, pierścionek oraz kolczyki.

Misia i Kasia

Misia FF - znana wokalistka, Kasia Wójcik - piękna i niesamowicie zdolna złotniczka reprezentująca nowe pokolenie polskiego deisgnu.


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Scribble ring

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photos: Anna Wojtecka

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