Original wedding rings from Poland

Are you on the threshold of one of the most important moments of your life and you are looking for your dream wedding rings that will be unique and will reflect the uniqueness of your feelings in 100%?
Combining classic and minimalism with modern trends, I design original, unusual wedding rings that will be made in the studio at Your order by the best goldsmiths in Poland.

Złote obrączki matowione Złote obrączki matowione
Designing and making unique wedding rings is my mission. I know how important it is for these little valuables to be matched to you, to your preferences and personality. I know what to do to make them not only original, beautiful and fashionable, but also perfectly made, in accordance with the art of goldsmithing.
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Projektowanie obrączek ślubnych
Together with my team, we will spend as much time as necessary to help you choose the perfect pair, and then we will create it from scratch - from melting gold through giving it the right form and surface finish, lovingly pampering every detail. You will also be able to count on our support for the coming years - if you want to adjust the size or renew the surface of the wedding rings, we will always welcome you in our studio.
Biżuteria ślubna
I am a jewelery designer and goldsmith who has been happily realizing my passion for 10 years. Awards in competitions, recognition by the most important fashion and industry magazines, presence at prestigious international exhibitions and fairs - all this is important and beautiful, but the most important for me is your satisfaction, trust and the fact that you choose my jewelry at important moments for you. It gives me energy and inspires me to continue my creative work. A job that makes me happy all the time.

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We really want to make your dream of exceptional wedding rings come true, which will forever become a symbol of your relationship.
We want your wedding rings to have the power that will remind you of it whenever you need it.
Along with the wedding rings, you will receive a lifetime guarantee and care that includes free resizing at any time and surface renewal.

I will also always be pleased to welcome you in the studio without any special occasion.

After all, life itself is worth celebrating :)
Do you feel that we are on similar waves?


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Can I see the wedding rings live?

Yes, we invite you to a meeting in our Warsaw studio at a time convenient for you, which you can arrange by calling +48 795 755 600 or by e-mail: Pracnia@kasiawojcik.com

How long does it take to complete the wedding rings?

Each pair of wedding rings is specially made to order , so the lead time is about 2-3 weeks. However, it is a good idea to reserve a little more time in the calendar in case you need to re-adjust the size.

Are the rings guaranteed?

Yes, your wedding rings will be covered by a guarantee, which includes the possibility of free, two-time resizing at any time of use and the possibility of renewing the surface. However, I know from experience that wedding rings look beautiful for many years and you don't have to do anything with them - just wear them and enjoy them.

Can I change the size of the rings?

Yes, you can change the size of the rings at any time - after a month, a year, or five years. We offer two changes free of charge. We are always happy to welcome you in the studio! We can also make such a size change remotely - just send them to us by courier for a few days.

How is the payment for wedding rings?

For ordering wedding rings, as for any other order from the website, we charge the full payment in advance, by bank transfer or online payment. We start the implementation after the payment is credited to the account.

Can we get something engraved on the wedding rings?

Absolutely! We work with an engraving master who will manually create a beautiful engraving for you - it's up to you to decide what it should be - date, names, or maybe a quote, diminutive or small symbol?

Do both rings have to be the same?

No! As the wedding rings are made for your special order, they will look exactly as you want. If each of you chooses your individual ring pattern - we will do it!

Are the wedding rings returnable?

The rings are personalized - we make them according to your guidelines and in your sizes - so there is no mistake or risk. Therefore, they are not entitled to the statutory 14-day consumer return. Honestly, no couple has ever wanted to return our wedding rings. On the contrary - we often hear that they are looking forward to getting married to wear them already!


We know that you would like to see what we offer first - so you can first visit our online store , see photos, check if you like yellow or white gold, classic or modern designs, you can also read about our studio.

We also know that it is not always enough - because wedding rings are one of the most personal and important purchases for you. That is why we are very happy to meet you live in Warsaw studio and talk about what you are looking for, show examples of models, explain the issues you are interested in. What gold finish should the wedding rings be? How to choose the perfect wedding rings for a woman and a man? On which hand is the wedding ring worn? How to ideally choose the size of the wedding ring ? You can count on our support at each stage of choosing your wedding rings.


The recipe for the perfect wedding rings is unique , unique or timeless design em> and handcrafted in a local workshop by goldsmiths. And all this is tailored to you and in line with your expectations!


We make 585 yellow and white gold wedding rings of different profiles - flat , classic , < em> semicircular , hammered , brushed , with diamonds and other precious stones . On the wedding rings we engrave the date of your wedding or whatever you want. We know from experience that you have various ideas for engraving - coordinates of an important place for you, your private diminutives, or quotes . We work with a master in his trade who will manually engrave for you what you want.


In addition to wedding rings, wedding jewelry is also an important accessory. I propose gold and silver wedding jewelry, minimalist, modern and original. If you feel that your wedding styling without additional jewelry will be incomplete, be sure to check out my designs.


N.The most desirable wedding rings are those classic , timeless , flat or semicircular , handmade > with attention to every detail. More and more popular are unusual and artistic wedding rings, which are given a unique character by the unique handwork of a goldsmith. This is an effect unattainable for chain stores, the products of which are mainly made with the use of machines.


By ordering wedding rings designed by me, you can be sure that they are small works of art that you will be happy to wear and that will fulfill their unique, symbolic task in 100%.


If you are not from Warsaw and cannot visit us in person, you can take advantage of an exclusive online presentation of wedding rings . After arranging a meeting, you can connect with us via messenger / whatsapp / instagram, see what we offer and chat. We will be very pleased! We can also discuss everything by e-mail, send photos - if that's more convenient for you.

Hypoallergenic wedding rings

Although gold rings are safe and healthy for the skin, sometimes there are cases of allergies to certain metals. If you are struggling with allergies - we will help you choose wedding rings that certainly do not contain any allergenic element!

Classy wedding rings

My jewelry is often chosen by front-page presses - actresses, businesswomen, lawyers, singers, painters, journalists, writers . I put them on the red carpet and complete the most important styles. I am especially proud of designing and making jewelery in which Olga Tokarczuk received the Nobel Prize and which she still chooses for special occasions. This sense of uniqueness and responsibility accompanies me also when creating each pair of wedding rings. You can be sure that I put all my heart and strength into them!


Each pair of wedding rings is covered by warranty , thanks to which you can count on our support in the coming years - both when it comes to resizing or renewing the surface - we always cordially welcome you to the studio. How much is it? Of course nothing! Your satisfaction is really our priority.


Precious stones ( diamonds, sapphires, emeralds ) are obtained from reliable suppliers, experts and appraisers. Each diamond ( in engagement rings, wedding rings or custom-made rings ) has a certificate. We care about ecology - the workshop works in the zero waste model - all filings are recovered and re-smelt, we buy the ore from proven sources, taking care of recycling. We work with masters in their profession, and this cooperation is based on fair contracts and remuneration. We cannot imagine it being any different!


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