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The engagement ring is one of the most important rings in the life of every woman.

If you dream of a ring that is truly unique and handcrafted in my studio especially for your order, you've come to the right place.
Engagement rings Thanks to your decision, it will not be just a trinket from a shopping center, but something totally unique, something that will forever remain a symbol of the unique bond between you. A ring in which you will be personally involved and the shape of which you will have influence. Believe me, it is an amazing value for your beloved!

The rings I create are modern, minimalist, with or without a diamond (bigger / smaller) or without - depending on the design. I provide them with lifelong care - you can always (and free of charge) change the size as needed, or renew its surface.
 Engagement rings
Kasia Wójcik projektantka biżuterii

Psst ... We guarantee full discretion

We know how important it is for you to keep a secret .
We already have quite a lot of experience in this and we know how it's done! We will make sure that nothing is released ahead of time. At the beginning, we will determine the form of contact that will be most convenient for you and we will stick to it. We never make a ring call unless you specifically request it. The e-mails we send can have any bugs in the title - such as "PD: Offer to print calendars" etc. We can also not write or talk by phone, and arrange everything in person at a meeting in the studio. You can pay for the ring by card, bank transfer or cash (so that there is no trace on the account) - if it's convenient for you.
Nothing will surprise us! You can count on our full commitment and support throughout this adventure.

Sample engagement rings from my studio
Minimalistyczny Gold Joy - gold engagement ring z brylantem
Joy - gold engagement ring
Minimalistyczny Gold Hope - gold engagement ring z brylantem
Hope - gold engagement ring
Minimalistyczny Gold Wonder - gold engagement ring z brylantem
Wonder - gold engagement ring
Minimalistyczny Gold Trust - gold engagement ring z brylantem
Trust - gold engagement ring
Minimalistyczny Gold Belief - gold engagement ring z brylantem
Belief - gold engagement ring
Minimalistyczny Gold Bliss - gold engagement ring z brylantem
Bliss - gold engagement ring
Minimalistyczny Gold Honesty - gold engagement ring z brylantem
Honesty - gold engagement ring
Biżuteria ślubna
I am a jewelery designer and goldsmith who has been happily realizing my passion for 10 years. Awards in competitions, recognition by the most important fashion and industry magazines, presence at prestigious international exhibitions and fairs - all this is important and beautiful, but the most important for me is your satisfaction, trust and the fact that you choose my jewelry at important moments for you. It gives me energy and inspires me to continue my creative work. A job that makes me happy all the time.

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We know that our online store is convenient when you want to find out what rings we offer, see their photos and read about them. We also know that an engagement ring is one of the most personal and important purchases for you and the website may not be enough. That is why we are very happy to meet you live - online or in our Warsaw studio and talk about what you are looking for, we will help you choose the perfect ring for your partner. We are interested in what she is like, what is she like, what is her temperament? We will show you sample ring models , but you will decide which one will be the only one. We will answer all your questions and explain what is it about gold trials , how to choose the ring size and how a diamond differs from a diamond . < br /> You can count on our support at every stage of choosing a ring.


If you are not from Warsaw and cannot visit us, take advantage of an exclusive online presentation of engagement rings . After arranging a meeting, we will connect via messenger / whatsapp so that you can see what we offer and ask about the issues you are interested in. This makes the whole process much easier and faster.

If you want to visit our studio or arrange an online presentation
just write: pracownia@kasiawojcik.com
or call: +48 795 755 600

You can also send a message:

Kasia Wójcik


  • Can I see the engagement ring live?
    Yes, you can see the rings in our studio in Warsaw at ul. Koszykowa. We will provide you with the exact address when arranging the appointment.

  • How long does it take to complete?
    The ring will be created especially for your order and for a specific size. We start work after the full payment has been credited to the account and usually the implementation takes about 2-3 weeks. Depending on the number of current orders, this deadline may be slightly longer, but we always estimate it when placing the order. It also happens that the decision is spontaneous and you only have a few days to buy the ring. We will stand on our head, we will stay after hours, but we will make your dream of a unique ring for your loved one come true!

  • Do they come with a warranty?
    Yes, the ring has a guarantee and care that allows you to resize and renew the surface twice free of charge at any time of use. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage to the ring and the stone. When the ring is damaged, we will help you assess the losses and prognosis, whether the patient can be saved and propose a solution.

  • Can the size be changed?
    Yes, you can change the size of the ring twice for free. All you need to do is deliver the ring to our studio (in person or by courier, at your own expense) with information about the target size. Such a modification takes several working days. You can pick up the ring in person or by courier (we cover the cost of the return shipment).

  • What quality stones do you use?
    The answer is simple: the best. For years, we have been cooperating with the best, proven suppliers of precious stones and diamonds in Poland. They are members of international gemmological organizations, certified experts and appraisers. When ordering a ring, you can be sure that the stone in the ring is of great quality and from a good source. You don't need to know it exactly - we've already done the job and we vouch for it with our name and reputation.

  • How do I find my ring size?
    There are two basic methods for checking the size - either by measuring the circumference of your finger, preferably with a jewelery measuring tape, or by measuring the inside diameter of another ring that your partner is wearing. Remember that the engagement ring is usually worn on the ring (fourth) finger of the right or left hand and this is the size that we should aim for. You are not sure about the exact size and have no way of knowing it so as not to spoil the surprise? Does not matter. We have other ways to estimate the size of the ring and we will try to make it a bit larger so that it is not too tight at the time of the engagement - and then, calmly, we will adjust it exactly to the size of your fiancée. Does it all sound slightly surreal and exciting to you at the same time? This is what it will be like! After all, an engagement ring is not chosen every day. Experience this adventure with us. Welcome.


When thinking about a ring, we often focus on what the stone will have - brilliant , sapphire and maybe ruby ​​ - and in what frame . And that's not all! Hand-made in local workshop by goldsmithing and original design , exactly according to your expectations - this is a recipe for < strong> the perfect engagement ring . Personal and friendly contact is also important, thanks to which you will feel really taken care of.


We make engagement rings of yellow and white gold 585. Ring profile can be round , flat , semicircular , and finish polished , matt , hammered ... whatever you like you wish. We offer diamond rings in various settings as well as with other gemstones and minerals such as sapphire , < em> ruby ​​, topaz .


A ring should be timeless and selected individually for your partner. Currently, white gold engagement rings are more and more often chosen, but it can be classic or more modern , carved or smooth with a large diamond or a tiny one, maybe a few? See our designs and choose the one you likeyour intuition tells you!

How to prepare for choosing an engagement ring? What do you need to know about rings?

Apart from the obvious appearance of the ring, you will have to decide on some important aspects:

Size of the engagement ring
The correct ring size can be selected using two methods - by measuring the diameter of the ring or wedding ring you already have, or by calculating it from the circumference of the finger. For the first method, you will need a caliper or a regular ruler. With their help, we can accurately measure the inner diameter of the jewelry, remembering to only consider the object that is perfectly round. If it is not, make measurements in several places and divide the sum of all measurements by their number. It is worth remembering that 1 size is 0.3mm, and the thickness of the finger (finger circumference) may vary depending on health and weather factors. In this way, we obtain a result that allows us to find our size in the size chart. It's always better to order a ring a little larger than we anticipate - we don't want it to be too tight during an engagement! Later, we can always adjust its size exactly in our studio. We do it for free.

Ore (material).
The precious metal from which the engagement ring will be made affects its aesthetic value, durability and price. The most popular are gold rings - traditionally yellow or - recently more and more often chosen - white gold . Gold jewelry can have three fines - 333, 585 and 750. The optimal choice is yellow gold 585 and white gold and it is from such a metal engagement rings are made in our studio. On request, we also make rings of gold 750 .

In the case of an engagement ring, the stone often plays a leading role. The classic choice is diamond , or rather brilliant - a brilliant cut diamond. It beautifully brings out light and has been highly valued in jewelry for centuries. A diamond ring is a timeless choice that is sure to meet the enthusiasm of almost every woman. However, this is not the only possibility - in our studio you can also order engagement ring with sapphire , ruby ​​, amethystem , topaz or tourmaline . The stones and minerals we offer are of the best quality and from proven sources.


When ordering a ring in our studio, you can be sure that it is exactly what you were looking for. The ring will be hand-made , with attention to every detail, exactly according to a predetermined design. The whole process of creating the ring will be shrouded in secrecy and discretion, thanks to which your plan to surprise your loved one will be successful. You can influence every detail, thanks to which the ring will be personalized and one of a kind. It is a huge added value, thanks to which you will be proud of your choice, and your fiancée - delighted and touched.


We use the best 585 and 750 gold alloys. Although gold rings are safe and healthy for the skin, there are occasional cases of allergy to certain metals. If your partner is struggling with allergies - we will help you choose a ring for her, which certainly does not contain any allergenic element for her!


My jewelry is often chosen by front-page presses - actresses, businesswomen, lawyers, singers, painters, journalists, writers . I put them on the red carpet and complete the most important styles. I am especially proud of designing and making jewelery in which Olga Tokarczuk received the Nobel Prize and which she still chooses for special occasions. This sense of uniqueness and responsibility accompanies me also when creating each pair of wedding rings. You can be sure that I put all my heart and strength into them!


All rings are guaranteed. You and your loved one will also be able to count on our support for the next few years - if you want to adjust the size or renew the surface of the ring. How much is it? Of course nothing! We always welcome you warmly in our studio.


Precious stones ( diamonds, sapphires, emeralds ) are obtained from reliable suppliers, experts and appraisers. Each diamond ( in engagement rings, wedding rings or rings to orderno ) is certified. We care about ecology - the workshop works in the zero waste model - all filings are recovered and re-smelt, we buy the ore from proven sources, taking care of recycling. We work with masters in their profession, and this cooperation is based on fair contracts and remuneration. We cannot imagine it being any different!

Engagement rings Engagement rings

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