Olga Tokarczuk receives a literature Nobel prize in Kasia Wójcik jewellery and Gosia Baczyńska dress


We are witnessing a historic moment - today Olga Tokarczuk, a unique and outstanding personality, has received the Nobel Prize in literature.

It was a great honor to have designed jewellery for Olga Tokarczuk for the Nobel Prize ceremony in cooperation with Gosia Baczyńska, who created an unusual dress tailored to the unique style of the Nobel Prize winner.

Gosia Baczyńska's concept was that the jewellery should subtly complement the outfit, giving it a spark. It was also important that something shimmer in Mrs. Olga's dreads.

I decided to use dark, oxidized silver and pyrite - a mineral shimmering in shades of gold, which is considered a stone of independence and creativity.

Ms. Olga Tokarczuk also appeared in jewellery from my other collections at the Nobel lecture and at the first Polish press conference.

It is a great honor for me as a designer, and Mrs. Olga Tokarczuk is an extraordinary inspiration for me.

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I am a jewellery designer and goldsmith based in Warsaw, Poland.
I believe that unique, precious, designer’s pieces of jewellery are the most luxurious gifts we can give. A gift for a loved one that will forever be a symbol of a our exceptional relationship, or a gift for ourselves which will inspire us everyday to create not just our style, but first of all a lifestyle that we deeply desire.

Jewellery might be the most important detail of our image, but it also is the best form to celebrate our successess.
For me, the most important thing is, how you feel while wearing it.
During the past few years, many articles about my work have appeared in the best magazines, industry and opinion media, both Polish and international - such as Vogue Italia, Glamour Deutschland, Valeur Magazine, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Zwierciadło, InStyle, DesignAlive, Label Magazine, K MAG, Fashion Business, Newsweek, Gazeta.pl, Wirtualna Polska etc.

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